Project Charart

About; to provide art on every fanfiction character page and every character page.

Status; Active

To join, please leave a request on the talk page


Project:Character Art/Approval Page
Project:Character Art/Approved Images


Leader; Icefern

Deputy; EmmatheFoxwing

Senior Warriors; Berryflower

Warriors; Storm



Reservation TableEdit

User Original 1 Original 2 Original 3 Date
Allari Firestar (L) None None 8/8/2012
EmmatheFoxwing None None None N/A
Berryflower None None None N/A
Leafheart None None None N/A
Stormboot Tawnypelt (W) Frecklewish (A) None Jul 18//27
Feather Crookedstar (D) Brambleberry (MC) Brightheart (W) August 4th
Snowfern None None None N/A
Lilystream None None None N/A

Lineart Edit

We thank for allowing us to use their blanks. When making art, please do not erase the watermark on the image, if there is one. Thank You.

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