Current: The Barn
Past: N/A
Residence: CloudClan
Rouge: Allari
Mentor(s): N/A
Apprentice(s): N/A
Living: N/A
Dead: N/A

Allari is a brown scarred she-cat with a white underbelly and green eyes.

History Edit

Allari was born to unknown parents, her father went hunting one day and never came back. And a cat had killed her mom, she grew up with her sister Midnight in a barn. As they grew up they rescued and welcomed more rouges into the barn. One day, Allari heard a cat meow in hurt, so she ventured toward the meow and found a small blue-gray torbie tom, who's name is Sammy.
She grows up with Sammy and Midnight, more rouges join and everythings going fine. A long time after that, a cat named Luna comes around. Sammy is hunting and Luna had hurt him. Luna has magic in her to make her un defeatable. Allari helped Sammy back to the barn. Luna came to the barn stating that she was going to take the barn with her and her "cats"
Soon, Luna was hurting the other rouges when a cat named Fred left the rouges there when Allari and Sammy went to the trees for a plan. Allari went back to see if the rouges were okay, but Luna and her cats were attacking them.

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